Masculinity Challenge – What Makes a Man


Masculinity can be defined in many different ways. How men look at themselves and the lies the enemy whispers into the ear of men has caused men all sorts of mental challenges concerning what actually qualifies as masculine.

What makes a man a man?

When you were young, you may have felt like you were invincible. You may have been the head jock on the football team which brought a lot of praise and admiration from your peers.

Make following Jesus the only validation of your masculinity. Attaching your masculinity to anything other than Jesus is attaching your manhood to something that is temporal and subject to change.

You may have been the Homecoming King and had the honor of escorting the Homecoming Queen to the dance. You may have strutted around school having been voted the most handsome guy in your class.

You may have been the guy who went off to the military and were leaders of men. You may have been a highly decorated soldier and were looked at as a model of what the ideal military man should be.

Maybe you are a corporate leader who helped make Fortune 500 companies profitable and made tons of money in the business world.

You may have attached your masculinity to any one of the above factors and are feeling very comfortable in who you are and what you have accomplished as a man.

But what happens to you when that which you’ve attached your masculinity to is taken away? Your physical prowess or your financial well-being can be taken away in a heartbeat. Will your masculinity fly out the window right along with them?

Masculinity attached to the wrong thing

Many men attach their masculinity their sexual performance. What will happen to you when the day comes and you can no longer perform sexually as you once did?

What mental challenges will you go through when the muscles that used to attract the opposite sex deflate and don’t attract as they once did?

What will happen to you when the huge amounts of money that you used to earn in corporate America have dwindled down to nothing? With the economy as it is, there are plenty of men who once made huge strides in the corporate world. Some of those same men are now flipping burgers at McDonald’s just to survive.

Suppose you were the guy who was voted most likely to succeed but now you are the guy who has a warrant out for your arrest, or has already done time in prison.

What will be your mindset when your family has nothing in the cupboards to eat and is looking to you as their leader for answers?

Jesus should be the picture of masculinity

I may ruffle a few feathers by saying this, but I feel that the church has misrepresented Jesus and Christianity to the world in many ways.

In many circles, Christianity has been seen as a wimpy religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus was a strong man and a strong leader. Yet the pictures we see of Jesus are of a pale skinned, skinny, little guy with a round cookie pan behind his head. If that’s the image of the real Jesus, I wouldn’t want to follow Him. Would you?

Many men have made the mistake of attaching their manhood to their sexual prowess, money, and the dominance of other men instead of Jesus who should be the ultimate symbol of manhood.

Jesus makes men strong leaders

You cannot be a strong leader until you first become a strong follower. The bible says that Jesus always did those things that pleased the Father. Jesus was a great follower, therefore He was able to be a great leader.

If you are a man who is struggling with your masculinity, I pray that you spend some time in prayer and find out what or whom you have attached your manhood to.

Likewise, spend some time reading about and getting to know the real Jesus. A real man is willing to follow another real man. Unfortunately, the image that we see of Jesus in the world and even in the church to a certain degree is not the image of the real Jesus.

Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. I’m convinced that when you see the real Jesus, you will stand in awe of His masculinity, and following Him totally and completely will be the result.

Make following Jesus the only validation of your masculinity. Attaching your masculinity to anything other than Jesus is attaching your manhood to something that is temporal and subject to change.

Attaching your masculinity to the real Jesus will secure your manhood and make you a leader wherever you go.

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  1. Thank you for writing and sharing this article. I may not be a man, but I have all too often witnessed first hand the effects of men losing their masculinity when that masculinity was attached to money, sex, power, etc. When one's masculinity is defined by earthly things, it is almost a guarantee it will be lost (or dwindle).

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