Loving your Spouse with the Love of the Lord

lovingLoving others is the hallmark of Christianity. Have you ever stopped to think about how the divorce rate in the Christian community would plummet if we began to love our spouses with the same love that Jesus taught in the bible?

Along with homeless ministry, ministering to husbands and wives who are in marriages that are less than pleasant is something I’ve felt the Lord drawing me into.

In fact, my wife and I have discussed studying to becoming Christian marriage counselors. We both understand that it takes more than a simple desire to minister to couples. We know it takes a formal education to pursue this calling.

But we also believe it takes life experience to serve as the intangible force to cause this kind of ministry come to life in the hearts and minds of couples who find themselves in love-less marriages.

Loving with the love of the Lord requires you to become a servant. This kind of love requires you to make a decision in the beginning to become love personified.

I’ve taken numerous courses over the years on various subjects where it was obvious that the instructor was teaching solely out of a book and had no experience in what he or she was teaching.

One of the driving forces for my wife and I to minister in this area is the practical experience we bring to the table regarding marriage.

Loving Unconsciously

Loving the different people we cross paths with as we travel down the road of life is one thing. But loving a spouse that we live with and interact with on a daily basis with the God kind of love is continuous.

I’m so grateful that God allowed me to experience firsthand what His kind of love feels like. My wife is literally an angel from heaven.

I blink my eyes and shake my head reasoning within myself that this person that God has blessed me with cannot be real. I have a wife who looks after my best interest 24/7/365.

It’s one thing to hear the words “I Love You” but it’s clearly something else to feel the force of love from a spouse who generally cares for you.

And the great part about it is that my wife isn’t trying to love me. She’s simply being herself. It’s like riding a bike to her. She’s not trying to ride a bike, she’s riding the bike.

It’s this active, unselfish, self-sacrificing love that has our marriage anchored so deeply in God that nothing will destroy it.

I’d like to think that I reciprocate and make my wife feel as loved as she makes me feel. She says she does, but it’s difficult for me to believe I’m making her feel anywhere close to how she makes me feel.

That is until she pulled me aside and told me that just as I’m feeling her love as she goes about her days simply living life, she’s feeling the love that I have for her as I live out my life in Christ.

Loving a spouse should be like riding a bike. We all should get to a point where we don’t need to think about what we’re doing. Loving a spouse with the love that Jesus spoke about in the bible should be something that comes so naturally that we do it continuously and unconsciously.

Loving your spouse with the God kind of love requires you to take yourself out of the equation. Loving your spouse with this God kind of love requires you to act in a loving way continuously even if your actions aren’t being reciprocated.

Loving with the love of the Lord doesn’t keep score. Loving with the love of the Lord requires you to become a servant. Loving with the love of the Lord requires character. This kind of love requires you to make a decision in the beginning to become love personified.

It should also be mentioned that this kind of love cannot be acted upon without the help and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. The God kind of love cannot be carried out under your own power. If you were able to love in this capacity on your own it wouldn’t be called the God kind of love. It would be called the Ed kind of love or the Linda kind of love…etc.

As you live out this lifestyle of love in your marriage, God will do amazing and miraculous things in your heart and in the heart of your spouse. Your spouse will be forced to take note of the “new you” and the love you experience in your renewed marriage will serve as an example of what a Godly, “Christ centered” marriage looks like.

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