To the Husbands: Love is a Rare Commodity – Cherish it when it’s offered to you


Love from my wife is something that I have the privilege of experiencing every day. I appreciate her shows of affection and I don’t take them lightly. However, there was a time in my life that I totally missed the big picture when attempts were made to show me love.

As a husband, I have many flaws. I can be impatient, insensitive, selfish and extremely territorial. I believe that half the battle when it comes to correcting one’s behavior and becoming a better person is knowing one’s flaws. Once I know where correction can be made, I can work to eradicate the flaw from my personality.

Yesterday here in Southern California was a picture perfect day. Usually on nice days like these, it’s extremely difficult to work from my office at home. Yesterday was no exception. But instead of going over to Starbucks or Corner Bakery and working from there, I decided to use the library where my wife works. The Architecture library was perfect. It was small, it was quiet and I was able to connect my laptop to an electrical outlet there.

Take the time to appreciate the woman in your life. Take a deep breath and take a look at the big picture. She may be doing her best to care for you in a way that is meant to let you know just how much you are loved.

I found a table and settled in to get some serious work done. I’m a creature of habit so when my daily routine is changed, it takes me some time to get my mind focused on my work again. I sat down to write at 11:00 and I had only managed to crank out 3 sentences by 12:30. I was experiencing some serious writers block. Sam came over to the library during her lunch break at about 12:35 to visit me.

Sam knows that one of my pet peeves is being interrupted when I’m trying to work. To her credit, she didn’t interrupt me per se. She just sat at my table about 2 feet across from me and stared at me. She didn’t say anything; she just sat there and stared. I tried to ignore her. I focused in on my computer screen, hoping that she would get the unspoken message to leave me alone and get lost. But she didn’t.

I finally broke my blank stare at my computer screen and looked up at her only to hear, “Would you like to go for a walk with me?” I let 10-12 seconds pass before giving in reluctantly to a lunchtime walk around the campus with her.

During our walk, I took in some fresh air and cleared my head. Our walk culminated with me walking her back to her office and saying goodbye with a smack on the lips.

I went back to my desk in the library feeling refreshed after our walk. Within no time at all I cranked out the blog post with ease that had given me so much trouble before lunch. Having finished my work, I thought back on a time when the interruption that had taken place earlier would have ruined my whole day. My attitude would have caused me to lash out unfairly at my wife and caused unnecessary strife between us.

What a blessing it is to have a wife who loves me so much that she wants to spend her lunch break with me as opposed to spending it apart from me. How can any rational thinking man get upset at a woman who loves him so much? I am truly a blessed man.

Recognizing Love

Men, take the time to appreciate the woman in your life. Even if you’re irritated by some of the things she does inadvertently, take a deep breath and take a look at the big picture. She may be doing her best to care for you in a way that is meant to let you know just how much you are loved.

So, she was late picking you up from work. Looking at the big picture may show you that she was late because she stopped off to buy baseball tickets for you and your buddies to go out and enjoy a game together. Yes, maybe the fire department had to be called and now you have water damage in your kitchen, but maybe this event happened as a result of her trying to cook you your favorite meal. I’m being a little extreme here but I think you know what I mean.

Receive your spouse’s attempts to love you and cherish those moments. After all, would you rather have a spouse who wouldn’t lift a finger to show you her love?

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  1. I had to laugh when I got to the part of her sitting there staring at you. My husband knows not to interrupt me when I'm writing. I completely lose focus and rarely get it back once I lose it… at least, not for several hours, and usually not the same topic. Whatever I had been writing never gets finished. But, he'll come in, see I'm writing, and apologize for interrupting, or ask if I'm writing, then walk away when I tell him yes. But by then, the focus is already gone.

    Great post on love, and recognizing and cherishing those moments.

    • Hi Brandi,
      I understand completely about the focus thingie… writing time is between 1 and 5:30AM when the house is quiet. Thanks for your post….

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