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Life without God is a Life Lived in Darkness

life without god

Life without God is a life lived solely under your own strength. To use the word “limited” in describing a life without God would be an understatement.

Walking in Darkness

My workday begins between 2:30 and 3:00AM. This entails me sliding out of bed in pitch darkness without waking my wife. Unplugging and grabbing my computer and my cell phone.

Navigating around the edge of the bed. Opening and shutting the bedroom door in silence with one hand while carrying my phone and computer with the other.

Once in the hallway, I’m halfway through my journey. Now I must somehow figure out where the cat is sleeping (she loves sleeping behind the door) and try not to step on her.

Then using any hint of light that has managed to make its way into the living room, I have to maneuver around a coffee table that is never in the same place two days in a row.

When the earthquakes of life happen unannounced and the home that you are familiar with is tossed to a shambles, you will need the light of God’s Word to lead you and yours through the darkness.

My last obstacle is the ottoman. Once I make it to the couch, I can hit the light switch located on the floor between the loveseat and the couch and then I’m home free.

I’ve performed this exercise every day for the past 4 years. In 4 years’ time, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. In the beginning I would knock things over, stub my toes, step on the cat, and trip over random items nightly. But now, I’ve got my routine down pretty well.

While making my way to the couch this morning, for some reason I thought about people stumbling through life without God and how it compares with my nightly journey.

Although I’ve gotten pretty good at moving around in my house in the dark, I still can’t move around as well as I could in the light. If I had to find a pen, or a note written to me by my wife, it would be difficult in the dark.

Life without God is a Life Deceived

Many of those who are living life without God have figured out how to perform the basic tasks in life in the dark, just as I have learned how to move around at home in the dark.

They may think they are doing fine living life without God and His Word. But when something out of the ordinary pops up, or when they are forced to live through circumstances that are foreign to them, they are just as lost as I would be at home in the dark if I had to find a pen or a note written to me.

About 2-3 hours into my work, the sun begins to rise and its light fills my living room. The things that were unseen just a few moments before become illuminated with the sun’s rays. Because of the light, my trip back to bed at 6:00 is never as difficult as getting out of bed was at 2:30.

I have no thoughts of stubbing my toes on some unseen object, or stepping on the cat at 6:00AM. The light that fills my room now allows me to see the room as it is and navigating through the house can be done with very little thought at all.

If you’re stumbling through life without God, I know you may think you’re surviving just fine without Him. Based upon your human experiences, you may be right to a certain extent.

But when the earthquakes of life happen unannounced and the home that you are familiar with is tossed to a shambles, you will need the light of God’s Word to lead you and yours through the darkness.

I encourage you to make Jesus the Light of your life. Our own strength, our own knowledge and our own understanding will not be enough to sustain us in the long run. Make Jesus Christ the Light in your life and you will never have to walk in darkness again.

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