Marriage Maintenance – Keeping Love Alive


Marriage today more than ever can be difficult. With the fast pace lives most of us lead these days, it can become easy to take your spouse for granted. Monotony and neglect can be major enemies to a happy marriage.

One thing I’ve found that keeps me on my toes where maintaining a healthy marriage is concerned is giving and receiving progress reports periodically. These progress reports aren’t anything in-depth. Just a simple “Are we alright” every once in a while keeps me up to date on any potential problems on the horizon.

Don’t allow complacency, stress, and the cares of this world to rob you of the freshness of married life. Nothing speaks louder to the world than a healthy marriage.

Don’t assume that your relationship is doing okay. You may feel everything is fine, but your spouse may have issues that are bothering her/him that you are totally oblivious to.

Like this morning when I asked my wife how we were doing and she sheepishly sighed and told me that for the past few weeks she’s been missing the passion that we used to have in our marriage.

I admitted to her that I had been preoccupied with work lately and I knew that I hadn’t been devoting the time to her that she deserved. With the information she gave me, I now have my marching orders and I know in what direction to go to make her happy.

Something else that we’ve been doing is setting aside a “Date Night” each Friday Night. Our date nights entail going somewhere where we can be alone and rehash the week’s events in an environment where there are no distractions.

Our date nights are totally unscripted. Sometimes we may go to Corner Bakery and sit out on the patio and share a brownie, or we may just go for a walk in the park. The main point is to spend an hour or so giving one another our undivided attention.

In addition to our date nights, my wife and I have started inviting other married couples to go with us on a couples night out once per month. These couples’s nights have become a huge hit and have been growing each week.

Inevitably, in each one of our couple’s nights we touch on marital issues that each couple may be going through in a positive environment and a good time is had by all. All of these things have given our marriage a shot in the arm and we now look forward to our date nights together and with our friends.

Marriage Maintenance – 30 Days of Appreciation

Here’s an exercise that will rejuvenate your marriage and cause you to consciously think about and appreciate your spouse on a new level. Take 30 post-it-notes and jot down something that you love or appreciate about your spouse on each one. For the next 30 days leave one note per day in places where he or she will find them.

You can leave your notes in the car, in his or her lunchbox, on the mirror in the bathroom, or in a dresser drawer or closet. Get creative. The thought you put into what you love and appreciate about your spouse for the next 30 days will serve as a reminder of why you fell in love in the first place.

Don’t allow complacency, stress, and the cares of this world to rob you of the freshness of married life. Nothing speaks to the world louder than a healthy marriage. Keeping love alive in your marriage will assure that your marriage and your family will remain strong when the storms of life rush in.

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  1. Me and my wife get married about 4 years. We still in love each other. Our love is much more alive than ever!

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