Investing the Time to Love: The Art of Making Others Feel Good


Investing in any relationship heaps a requirement on us. Investing time in the lives of others automatically places others ahead of us.

Jesus Invested Time in Others

One thing I love about the ministry of Jesus is that He invested time in the lives of others. He made others feel His love. He made others feel that they mattered to Him.

Love cannot be shown if there is no investment of yourself. The investing of your time, money, or resources will permeate the very air around you with the love of God and will go a long way toward drawing those around you into His presence.

All through the Gospels we find people requesting the time and attention of Jesus. “Master, please come and heal my son”. “Master, come over here”, Jesus, come do this, Master, come and do that”.

No doubt, Jesus and his disciples never knew from day-to-day where they would end up and to whom they would be a blessing to.

Although Jesus and His disciples started out each day with various destinations in mind, His schedule was never so rigid that He didn’t have time to stop and invest time in the people around Him.

Investing Time to be the Church

A fellow Christian blogger, Brandi Eissinger recently wrote a blog post entitled “Why I’m Giving up the Church” where she explains that she plans to give up going to church for Lent.

During her time away from church she plans to spend the time she would otherwise be in church making a purposeful effort to be a blessing to those around her. Her purpose in doing this is to remind herself to be the church as opposed to simply going to church.

Brandi is investing of herself. She is investing her time to be the loving church that God meant for us to be. She is investing her time to become love incarnate. All acts of love require an investment of some sort.

Living Pre-programmed Lives

In our hectic lives it’s very easy to mentally go on auto-pilot and become programmed to do what needs to be done in our lives. Operating on auto-pilot assures that everything that needs to get done gets done efficiently and in a timely manner.

However, when we operate on auto-pilot, we look past the elderly woman who may need assistance to the car with her groceries because she wasn’t pre-programmed into our lives.

Operating on auto-pilot doesn’t allow us to pick up (or even notice) the neighbor sitting at the bus stop as we zoom past him on our way to wherever.

There is no investment of time in the lives of others when we operate on auto-pilot. Operating on auto-pilot doesn’t make room for human interaction and lacks the show of love in the lives of others.

Technology Based Love

I received a lot of online Happy Birthday messages this week. Almost all of the messages I received online were from Facebook and various forums and groups that I’m a member of.

At the risk of sounding ungrateful and unappreciative, I’ll share with you that these pre-programmed messages meant very little to me.

Everyone knows that when you key in your birthdate upon joining an online service, you are added to a database that automatically sends you an email message on your birthdate.

No time is invested in these Happy Birthday messages therefore we don’t get a feeling of love and genuine care from a human perspective from them.

For those of you who invested the time to reach out to me and send a Happy Birthday greeting, whether through a card, email, text or gift I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped to make this birthday one of the best ever. You know who you are.

Real Love Requires and Investment

If you love me, you will keep my words (John 14:15). Keeping God’s Words requires something from us. If you’ve made the mistake of placing God and the works of God on auto-pilot in your life I want to encourage you to start investing your time in others. Begin investing more time in developing a relationship with God.

Love cannot be shown if there is no investment of yourself. The investing of your time, money, or resources will permeate the very air around you with the love of God and will go a long way toward drawing those around you into His presence.

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  1. I really agree, Greg. I think technology is a wonderful instrument for God's use, but I believe it has distanced us from real fellowship. And since technology is addictive, we don't realize how much time we give it and how little time we give flesh and blood relationships. I think friendship, real, genuine friendship, is becoming a lost art. But it is so needed for our spiritual growth. Thanks for this good reminder.

    • Thanks Gail. I love technology. I'm a technology geek! But the more indulge in my technology fetish I'm finding the more anti-social I'm becoming. Finding the right balance in things has always been a problem for me. I agree wholeheartedly with your observations. Thanks again for your comment….

  2. Hi Greg, I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I didn't receive a notification and if I did I wouldn't have known where to look in g+, but I will investigate so it won't happen again. Sorry 🙁 But, from the sound of it God has blessed you tremendously. God bless you Greg. I am very grateful that we can share God's love through our writings. 🙂

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