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How are you doing? It Really Doesn’t Matter

how are you doing

How are you doing? That’s a question that can come from many different places when tossed our way. The person asking may simply be curious. He or she may be nosy. A nervous energy may be the source of the question. Or the person asking may honestly want to know how you’re dealing with visible turmoil in your life.

Over the years I’ve developed a purposeful intent to the question of “how are you doing”. When I ask that question, the primary focus of the question isn’t what’s going on in the person’s life. When I ask, “How are you doing” I’m not interested in getting into the person’s business.

Acknowledge the existence of your problem. Acknowledge that the situation is temporary (according to God’s Word), then stop looking at it.

When I ask “how are you doing”, I want to know where the person’s spiritual barometer is. I want to know how I can minister to the person by finding out if they are in need of a few scriptural words of encouragement to get them past the spiritual low points that we all experience.

My “how are you doing” has nothing to do with what the person may be going through. I won’t even give the object of the present challenge the time of day.

Some people don’t quite understand when I ask “how are you doing”. Sometimes when asked, they go into a litany of problems, testifying of all the things that the enemy is doing in their lives.

In these instances, I have to stop them and remind them of what God’s Word has to say about the problem they may be going through. Certainly problems exist. Problems exist in all our lives. No one is disputing that. But sometimes it’s necessary to re-focus on the truth. God’s Word is truth. The challenges we may be facing in life are a lie.

There comes a point when dealing with the issues of life when we have to make a decision of which road we’re going to go down. We can focus our attention on the problems in our lives (which will give birth to fear) or we can focus our attention on what God says about the problems in our lives (which will give birth to faith).

The decision to be a man or woman of faith must be made over and over again all day long. Our enemy doesn’t take any time off. One hour you may feel like God’s man or woman of faith and power and the next hour you may feel like you’re ready to throw in the towel in your situation. Making the decision to walk by faith is a continual decision making process.

Sometimes as I’m gently reminding the person about the power of God residing on the inside of them, I can see their faith level increase just like a fuel tank being pumped full of fuel.

Then I’ll ask them again, “How are you doing” and with renewed strength and a remembrance of what God says about their problem, the response is usually….Great!

We are men and women of faith. Faith looks not at the things that are seen but at the things which are not seen, for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18).

How are you doing? It really doesn’t matter….

Are you heartbroken? Are you going through struggles with your children? Are you in financial crisis? Are you going through any struggle physically, emotionally, financially or socially? If yes, then acknowledge the existence of the problem. Acknowledge that the situation is temporary (according to God’s Word), then stop looking at it.

Instead, focus your attention on the things that are not currently seen. Focus your attention on the things seen only through God’s Word. Set your mind on things above and it will be only a matter of time before your situation will change and everyone around you will see in living color the things which you’ve seen for so long with the eye of faith.

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