Hope on its own will Never Produce Results


Hope is a great thing to have. Having high hopes is far better than having no hope at all. Hope is an attitude. Hope will keep a smile on your face as your ship is sinking. However, in order to produce results, your hope must be attached to faith.

I had an interesting conversation in the car on the way home with my 11 year old yesterday. He actually has a pretty good understanding of faith and hope. His illustration was of a kid wanting to play professional basketball in the NBA, but never getting out of bed to practice. He described the desire to play basketball as the hope part and the time spent practicing on the court as the faith part. I had to commend him. He hit the nail on the head.

When you add faith from God’s Word to your hope, your hope takes form just like a cookie cutter gives form to cookie dough.

There are a multitude of Christians exercising their hope for things to change and get better in their lives. Many have even prayed for change to take place in their lives. They smile and remain positive but sadly, they never see the changes they pray for.

In the photo above you might say cookie dough is the substance of puzzle shaped cookies. Both the dough and the cookie cutter are needed in order to produce puzzle shaped cookies. The dough on its own has no shape. It has no form. The puzzle shaped cookie cutter gives the cookie dough its form.

Likewise, hope on its own has no substance. Faith is the substance of the things we hope for. When you add faith from God’s Word to your hope, your hope takes form just like a cookie cutter gives form to cookie dough.

When faith for healing according to 1 Peter 2:24 is added to your hope to be healed you now have something to depend on. You have something to rely on. You have the Word of God which is more real than any sickness or disease that can come against your flesh.

Faith and the Word of God are one

You cannot have faith without the Word of God and you cannot have the Word of God without faith. Faith and the Word of God are the same.

The next time you have a hope of something changing in your life, fill your hope with God’s Word. Find scripture to give your hope substance. Anchor your soul with God’s Word concerning your situation. The bible says that God cannot lie. There is nothing in the universe more reliable than God’s Word.

Place your Hope in the cookie cutter of God’s Word

Hope is the raw material. Place you hope in the mold of God’s Word and prepare to see changes take place in your life as you stand firmly on the hope you have within you.

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