Healing the Emotional Pain of Divorce – Recovery only God can Provide


Healing emotional pain can only be done correctly with God’s help. There is no pain like the emotional pain of a divorce or separation. I wish this type of scar on no one. The key to healing a broken heart as the result of the ending of a relationship is trusting God. I have firsthand knowledge of the hopelessness, the despair, the loneliness, and the grief that comes with mourning the loss of a significant other. However looking back on things, even as I was going through my divorce, God was miraculously working.

When I was blinded by emotion, believing that God was making a mistake, I now see that He was protecting me from a horrible, horrible situation.

When I chose my life partner, I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought I knew what I needed. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. With the benefit of hind sight, now I thank my God that things turned out the way they did.

When I was blinded by emotion, believing that God was making a mistake, I now see that He was protecting me from a horrible, horrible situation. And with all that I thought I was losing through divorce, God gave me 10 times, 50 times, 100 times more!

Looking back, I see God as the Great Physician who upon examining me, found a malignant growth. A growth that needed to be removed before the cancer spread and caused more harm than it already had. So He scheduled me for emergency surgery that was to be performed immediately.

I had no say in the matter. He went in and removed the cancerous tumor (relationship) which left a huge scar over my heart. Along with the surgery came chemotherapy which left me weak and nauseated.

As I allowed the healing process to begin, I went through a myriad of different emotions, from self doubt, to anger, to confusion. I had to trust God to pick me up and put me back together again, which was something that I doubted could be done.

The healing process began and slowly but surely I got stronger. The scar faded. And most importantly I’m still alive!

Once I was healthy again, God graphed into my life the one whom He intended for me from the beginning of time. He put my life back on the correct course (relationship wise) and He showed me what love…His kind of love was all about. Thank you Father!

If you’re single and your heart is yearning for a life partner, if you’re scheduled for relationship surgery and you’re scared about the outcome, or if your healing process has already begun, pray this prayer with me..

A Prayer for the Healing Heart

Father, I thank you that you love me. That I’m the apple of your eye. I thank you that you have my well-being at heart and that you would never do anything to harm me. I trust you in the situation I’m in now. I hurt. I’m in pain. I trust you with the healing of my heart. I intentionally make you the Lord of this situation and I know that whatever happens, I will come out on the other end better for having experienced what I’m experiencing now. I love you, I have faith in your Word, but I also trust you Father. I thank you for victory in every area of my life including this one, in Jesus Name.

Then lie back in your hospital bed and watch the miracle of healing take place that God will orchestrate in your life.

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  1. God hates divorce….so much in fact that in the Bible there is no room for divorce AND remarriage. If a person becomes divorced from his or her spouse due to infidelity, God does not provide a way to remarry. Marriage is for life. The little "clause" people use is an excuse for them to feel free to remarry. It is not what God allows or approves of. Read John Piper's statement on divorce and remarriage. He has the biblical facts to back up the belief that remarriage is wrong. Sorry!

  2. It is a true fact that emotional pain is difficult to recover from as compared to physical pain and diseases. Prayers and devotion to God can be the only resort to overcome such pains. Waiting to read more interesting updates from you in the future.

  3. It's a big truth. Only God can relieve the pain of a divorce but more than that, only God can really avoid a divorce.

  4. Even though in other religion that divorce is not what God wants, no matter what we believe, still he is there to guide us, he will never left us behind, besides he will cure us and help us to move on, agreed! only God can provide.

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