Good Husband 101 – Living the Life of Jesus in the Home

Being a Good Husband / Showing Jesus in the HomeGood husband etiquette is sometimes lacking in our home. Our household is made up of our 2 boys, myself and my wife Sam. Being the only female at home presents challenges to Sam. I admit that the male contingency of our household tends to be a little insensitive. We haven’t been very attentive to things that really don’t matter very much to us but are of utmost importance to her. As the males of the home, we are taking steps to correct that situation.

Family Night is on Sunday night at our house. Family night consists of a movie and a meal. We each take turns hosting Family Night. It’s the hosts responsibility to choose the movie as well as the meal for the evening. Before starting our movie, we usually spend some time talking about family issues that took place during the previous week.

A good husband should cultivate an environment within the household where each member of the family feels comfortable and able to talk about anything.

A few weeks ago, my wife brought up an issue that hit the male members of our household right between the eyes. The boys and I tend to be practical jokers. In our joking, we sometimes gang up on Sam and make her the brunt of our jokes.

During the day when Sam is at work, the boys and I become blind to cat barf, cups scattered all over the house, sinks full of dirty dishes, and mounds of laundry waiting to go into the wash. But Sam has amazing vision. She can spot the things we spend all day at home overlooking as soon as she walks in the house. Our on going joke was how the nice, peaceful environment at home drastically changes when hurricane mom touches down daily at 5:25PM.

During her turn for family night, Sam told us how much we hurt her feelings by being made the brunt of the “hurricane Sam” jokes. It’s amazing how clearly you can recognize your hurtful words once they are brought to your attention. I can understand how we made Sam feel. I can also understand why she felt the way she felt.

Characteristics of a good husband

Sam told me that she felt good about being able to come to me and express her feelings. She trusted that her feelings would be validated. She knew that we would adjust our attitude to honor and respect her feelings. A good husband should cultivate an environment within the household where each member of the family feels comfortable and able to talk about anything.

Jesus was approachable. He accepts us at our worse. When we leave an encounter with Jesus, we leave feeling better about our interaction with Him, not worse. A good husband will make himself approachable. A good husband will make sure the lines of communication within the household remain open. A good husband will make sure marital issues are addressed before they have a chance to grow.

Becoming a good husband takes time

You may examine how you’ve acted in the home and come to the conclusion that you’re been the biggest jerk in the world. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Becoming a good husband takes time. And even when you think you have your act together, you are in no position to judge yourself. Only your wife’s opinion counts in this poll.

I encourage you to begin to change your home environment. Live out Christ in your home. Become the leader and example God created you to be by being a living example of God’s Word within your home.

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