Faith of a Champion

faithFaith to overcome the issues of life doesn’t come easy. Building overcoming faith takes hard work, diligence, and discipline.

I have a friend who has a son who will be competing in his first MMA bout this month. Both father and son are skilled in Krav Maga. They both train together regularly and I’m sure little Mikey will be at the top of his game when the time for his match comes.

Unless you are a professional fighter, most people don’t fight on a regular basis. We live in a civil society. Most don’t find themselves in situations where fighting is required very often. With that being the case, on the rare occasions when a person is put in a situation where they need to fight, they resort to wild kicking, punching, scratching, biting or anything else that may come to mind. My point is that when the fight is on, most of the time there is no strategy or discipline applied to our offensive attack.

Victory cannot and will not be awarded to an out-of-shape, unskilled, undisciplined fighter in real life nor will victory in the Spirit be awarded to an out-of-shape, unskilled, undisciplined faith fighter

Skilled fighters are different. A skilled fighter who has spent time in the gym can spot weaknesses in his opponent. A skilled fighter has honed his craft and knows exactly the right combination of punches required to knock out his opponent.

The weapons of a skilled fighter are his hands. In fact, professional fighters are held to a higher standard by law than the general public when it comes to violence outside of the ring. The actions of a professional fighter who assaults someone outside the ring will be scrutinized much closer in the court of law than an untrained person because a professional fighter has knowledge of how to handle himself in a fight that the average person doesn’t have.

When it comes to spiritual things however, the tables are turned. We as Christians are told to fight the good fight of faith. Our faith fight takes place daily. In fact the only fight that the Christian is called upon to fight is the faith fight. We don’t fight the devil. Our fight is a faith fight. But if we don’t spend time the Spiritual gym, how will we ever become champions in the ring of faith?

In the natural world, it would be foolish for Mikey to ever think that he could overcome his opponent in the ring if he never spent time in the gym training. But yet there are Christian’s all over the world who wonder why victory in life seems to be eluding them. These same Christians have never set foot in any type of Spiritual gym. Some Christians have even left the faith thinking that God didn’t love them because things weren’t happening in their lives. Little do they know that the fight of faith is not up to God. It’s up to us.

If Mikey showed up to his bout weighing 350 pounds, with a beer belly, having never worked out a day in his life to fight an opponent who was slim and trim, having worked out religiously all of his life, it would be a sham for the fight to be given to him under those circumstances.

Victory cannot and will not be awarded to an out-of-shape, unskilled, undisciplined fighter in real life nor will victory in the Spirit be awarded to an out-of-shape, unskilled, undisciplined faith fighter.

Faith Comes by Hearing

Being exposed to God’s Word on a continual basis is the Christian’s gym. Hearing God’s Word and meditating on God’s Word is how we workout spiritually. Just as a fighter becomes proficient in the art of hand-to-hand combat by paying his dues in the gym, the Christian must also pay his dues by getting God’s Word rooted and grounded deep within. There is no other way to become proficient at the art of faith than spending time in the faith gym. Our Father would be doing us a dis-service by answering every prayer or by fighting our faith battles for us absent from us spending time in the gym building our faith.

Spending time in God’s Word transforms us. It changes our way of thinking. It builds us up into battle ready faith warriors. Just as its evident when a fighter has spent time in the gym, it becomes evident when God’s children spend time in His Word. Over time, the Word of God changes us from the inside out and it soon becomes evident to the world that our faith in God and in His Word is that of an overcomer.

If you haven’t already done so I encourage you to set up a spiritual training regiment. Put yourself on a diet of prayer, scripture reading, listening to good sound teaching and muttering under your breath the Word of God as it pertains to your life situation. Begin to spend your days this way and it won’t take very long before those around you will begin to see the transformation taking place in you as you begin the process of transforming into the image of His Dear Son.

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