Expectations based on the Promises of God come through Fellowship


Expectations of others comes through days, weeks, months and years of interacting with them and getting the same response from them over time. Today, I’m celebrating my 53rd birthday. I thank God for family and friends who I’ve received well wishes from. The cards and gifts that I’ve received have really made me feel appreciated. As I sit here reflecting back on my life and going through childhood memories stored away in my mind, one distinct memory I have is of my Uncle John.

My Uncle John was a huge man, standing 6’6” and at least 275 lbs. by my estimation. To go along with his large stature, he had a voice that was deep and booming. As a 9 year old boy, I equated his voice to a sonic boom.

But what I remember most about my Uncle John is that he never missed my birthday. He would always have a card for me whether he was in town delivering it personally, or sending it by mail, I could always count on a birthday card from him. And inside the card was a nice crisp $20.00.

As Christians, to have expectations of the blessing of God to reign down on us continually, we will have to do our part by spending time in fellowship with God and His Word.

As a 9 year old, $20.00 in the 60’s made me feel like I was rich! When I reached 10 years old, the $20.00 bill increased to $50.00. I remember looking forward to my birthday for no other reason than receiving my birthday card from Uncle John.

It’s funny how we can become conditioned to certain things in our lives. The conditioning we receive as children can last a lifetime. My Uncle John passed away in 1980 and with every card I’ve received since then, there is a brief sense of sadness that grips me when I open the card and find no money inside.

The expectations of receiving money that my Uncle John built into me were so strong that when I was younger, upon opening my birthday cards I used to remark to the person who gave me the card, “Hey, you forgot to put the money inside”.

Imagine how great it would be if we had immediate expectations that God would come through for us when we were attacked with sickness and disease, financial problems or any other issue that goes against God’s Will for our lives.

But wait a minute….WE CAN get to the point where we have expectations of victory when problems arise. The bible tells us to meditate in God’s Word day and night in order to know how to deal with life’s problems and produce success in our lives (Joshua 1:8). The scripture shows us clearly what’s necessary for us to have expectations of victory in our lives.

The difference between how I was conditioned to receive from my Uncle every year and how we receive from God is that in the case of my Uncle, I didn’t have to do anything to receive my yearly gift from him. All I had to do was wait for him to show up on my birthday and receive my blessing.

Expectations of the Blessing come through Fellowship

As Christians, to have expectations of the blessing of God to reign down on us continually, we will have to do our part by spending time in fellowship with God and His Word. We must delight ourselves in the Lord, if we intend to receive the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4).


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