Doubt, Unbelief and Fear Masquerading as Wisdom


Doubt and excuses to “hold back” and not wholeheartedly commit to God and His Word can take on many different forms. Doubt of God’s Word which is rooted in unbelief and fear has kept many Christians from experiencing the promises of God in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones.


Doubt will Handicap your Faith

Doubt and faith are polar opposites of one another. We are called upon to live lives that are based on faith in God and in His Word. Faith will carry you out on a limb. Faith causes us to extend ourselves beyond our own capabilities. Faith is irrational. Lives lived by faith continuously overcome tangible obstacles by tapping into the unseen power of God.

Passing the Baton from Faith to Trust

God will never discourage you from believing His Word. God’s Word is our anchor. Doubt, unbelief and fear are our enemies. Nothing good can come from doubt, unbelief and fear.

Faith is finding peace in the fact that God will do what He said He will do in His Word. Once your faith in God’s Word has been established, faith hands the baton over to trust. Faith can fail, however trust can never fail. Trusting in God is resting in the fact that no matter what happens in your situation, you will never let go of God’s Word.

Job was a man of trust. Doubt couldn’t touch Job because Job trusted God. The bible says that there was no one in the earth like Job.  Job was blameless and upright. A man who feared (reverenced) God and shunned evil (Job 1:8). With all the losses that Job experienced in Chapter 1, because of his trust in God, he maintained his integrity throughout (Job 2:3).

Trusting God puts an end to Doubt, Unbelief and Fear

Many would say that there was no wisdom in the approach Job took with God. Many would say that he needed to look inside himself and find the source of sin which was causing his calamity. Job’s own wife came to him and told him to curse God and die.

Nothing can drive a man to doubt his trust in God more than being attacked by those closest to him. Yet, Job maintained his trust in God.

Jousting Between Faith and Doubt

When we go through life situations, at some point doubt will whisper in our ear and tell us that we have to use a little wisdom, where our circumstances are concerned. Most of the time, “using a little wisdom in your situation” are code words for backing off of your faith and trust in God. You may also here something like, “maybe you’re taking what God said a little too literally”. These thoughts are loaded with doubt and are designed to get you to back down.

I’m not denying that wisdom must be applied to all situations, but when you hear that “voice of reason”, approach it with caution. The voice you may be hearing might just be the voice of doubt, fear and unbelief trying to give you an excuse not to go all the way with God.

God will Never Discourage you from Believing What He Said

God’s Word is our anchor. Doubt, unbelief and fear are our enemies. Nothing good can come from doubt, unbelief and fear.

People who are willing to pull out all the stops and go completely out on a limb with God seem to be few and far between. Job was a person who trusted God to the extreme. In the entire calamity Job suffered through, he never lost sight of who God was in his life.

If you’re currently in a situation where all you have is your trust in God. If you’re in a place in your life where there is darkness and you’re wondering where God is in your situation. If your friends, relatives and loved ones are trying to get you to back down by “using a little wisdom” where your faith and trust in God are concerned, I encourage you to trust in the Lord with all your heart. Don’t lean on what you understand or don’t understand about your situation.

Life Principles

There are 4 things you need to cross off your “to do” list. You may call them life principles, but Job did them and they were so pleasing to God that He bragged to Satan about his servant Job.

  1. Walk blameless and upright before God
  2. Have a reverential fear of God
  3. Shun evil
  4. Be a person of integrity

Cross these things off your to do list then lastly, eliminate all doubt that God will show up in your life by trusting completely in Him. Love the Lord with all your heart, have faith in Him and in His Word, but most importantly trust Him.

Things may not look very favorable in your life right now, but make up your mind that you’re not going to be moved by what you see. Trust God in all things and watch the Lord turn your situation around for good before all is said and done.

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