Gods Will versus Human Will – The Battle Continues…..

gods will

Gods will is clearly spelled out to us in His Word. All that stands between us and the carrying out of Gods will in our lives is the quality decision to do so.

One of the many challenges my wife and I face with raising our boys is motivating them to keep their rooms clean. Our youngest son Jordan is particularly challenged in this area. No matter how well he cleans his room (with our help of course), the very next day it looks like a disaster zone again.

It’s Gods will for us to live a certain way in His Word, but yet we all have areas that we could improve on spiritually. Are we slack in these areas because we don’t see an immediate payoff?

After many bribes, rewards, punishments, and tears over this matter, Jordan finally sat us down and spoke candidly with us. He told us that he’s tried his best, but keeping his room clean is just something that he can’t do. He went on to say that some people are better at some things than others, and he has come to the realization that keeping his room clean is something that he’s just not good at. He hoped we understood.

How can you get upset with a 10 year old who has the wherewithal to call a family meeting to declare a major shortcoming like the inability to keep his room clean…lol.

This opened up a family discussion on the difference between not wanting to do something, versus not being able to do something. The subject of keeping his room clean clearly comes under the heading of “not wanting to”; I just had to figure out a way to explain that to Jordan in a way that he could understand. This is the scenario I ended up sharing with him…

ME: What if you found out that you had won the Video Game Lottery and your winnings included every new video game given to you free, for the rest of your life PLUS one new game system of your choice every year forever. The only condition is that you would have to maintain your room at a certain level of cleanliness. If you allowed your room to get messy, you would forfeit your winnings. Are you telling me that since you don’t have the ability to keep your room clean, you would miss out on your lottery prize?

JORDAN: NO WAY! I would make sure that my room was ALWAYS clean.

ME: But you just told us that keeping your room clean was something that you can’t do. Now you’re telling us that you would do it if you won the lottery. Which is it?

JORDAN: Well, if I won the lottery, I would pay more attention to the condition of my room and I’d be sure never to let it get so bad that I would be in danger of losing my winnings.

ME: So it’s not that you can’t keep your room clean….it’s a matter of not wanting to keep your room clean, correct?

We saw the light bulb in his head come on and he agreed.

One of the strongest things known to mankind is the human will. Once the mind is made up to do or not to do something, nothing can stop us from accomplishing the task set before us. The key is making the decision to do or not to do. The desire to stop smoking, over eat, abuse alcohol, use profanity, gamble, or any other vise we may have can be very strong.

But if we attach a motivating factor to our vise…such as a 10 million dollar payoff if we manage to keep our vise under control for the next year, somehow we gain strength that we never had before. Why is that?

As Christians, we must learn to capitalize on the strength of the human will by lining our will’s up with Gods will. When our will’s become one with Gods will, nothing can stop us from living the rich and full lives that Jesus spoke about in John 10:10.

Doing Gods Will is Only a Decision Away

It’s Gods will for us to live a certain way in His Word, but yet we all have areas that we can improve in spiritually. Are we slack in these areas because we don’t see an immediate payoff? As in the story above, are these areas that we can’t improve in or are they areas that we have not made the decision to improve in? If there was a “lottery payday” if you straightened out your life spiritually and began to live according to Gods will, would you be able to change your life or is loving God enough of a motivating factor for us to make up our minds to eliminate our spiritual stumbling blocks and truly love Him the way He desires to be loved? Just a little food for thought. John 14:15

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  1. It is amazing how much stronger our will is when there is a reward attached. The problem is, Christians believe that they simply need to believe in God and they'll receive the reward. Why bother aligning our human will with God's will if we're already due to receive the 10 million dollar payoff?

  2. We look forward for rewards…but we forget that blessings comes the moment we obey.

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