Coming out of the Closet – Announcing Your Sexual Preference to the World

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Coming out of the Closet is the term that has been used in recent years when a homosexual person has decided to make their lifestyle announcement to the world.

I admit that I never quite understood the need to announce one’s sexual preference to the world. I suppose somewhere there are people who are interested in such information.

In keeping with the times, I have an announcement to make to the world also that may rival the level of controversy surrounding homosexuality in the church.

Your Attention Please – I’m Coming out of the Closet

I don’t believe that the “Lord’s Prayer” is for Christians. I’m a born again, Spirit filled Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all of my heart. Yet, I don’t believe that Jesus gave the celebrated Lord’s Prayer to the New Testament church.

Today, All- American Defensive Lineman Michael Sam announced that he is gay. When he enters the NFL draft in May, he will become the first openly gay professional football player. No doubt there will be closet haters, but I’m wondering if stories like these will even raise eyebrows by this time next year.

The time in which the Lord’s Prayer was given and the specifics of the prayer itself dictate that it was only to be prayed up until the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and the New Covenant began. My beliefs aren’t simply ideas that I plucked out of thin air. I have a sound scriptural foundation for my belief.

I know that what I believe about the Lord’s Prayer isn’t mainstream. In fact, in some circles it would be considered blasphemy to stand up and say that the Lord’s Prayer wasn’t meant for the New Testament church.

So rather than argue, fuss and fight over the subject, I keep my belief on the subject to myself and I share as I’m prompted to by the Holy Spirit, which thus far has been rare.

Was my Coming out of the Closet Really Necessary?

At no time have I ever felt like I was living a double life because I don’t pray and/or believe the Lord’s Prayer is for me.

At no time have I felt compelled to hide the fact that I don’t believe the Lord’s Prayer is for me.

At no time have I been saddened because I couldn’t talk to others or share the fact that I don’t believe the Lord’s Prayer is for me.

At no time have I been offended when others pray the Lord’s Prayer.

I walk the streets of this fine country knowing that I am free to form my own thoughts and opinions independent of the political climate, even if I’m the proverbial fish swimming upstream where my thoughts and beliefs about the Lord’s Prayer are concerned.

I understand and fully accept that what I believe concerning the Lord’s Prayer can be highly offensive to others, and I respect and am sensitive to the beliefs of others.

My salvation doesn’t depend on my belief and/or acceptance of the Lord’s Prayer so for me to stand up and make a declaration of my belief (or disbelief) would be useless and foolish. In fact, sharing my position on the Lord’s Prayer could be more detrimental than helpful, especially to someone who is new to the faith.

Maybe in the future I’ll write a blog post delving into why I believe what I believe about the Lord’s Prayer but I won’t get into that now because it’s not the purpose of this blog post.

Questioning the Purpose of Coming out of the Closet

What baffles me is the continuous fascination of the media and the masses in general about who is gay to the point where press conferences are assembled simply for someone to announce their sexual preference.

The Relevance of Sexual Preference in the Workplace

I once worked with a Deputy who was one of the sharpest individuals at the facility we worked at. Almost everyone this Deputy worked with had nothing but positive things to say about him. His work ethic and investigative skills were second to none.

One day during our morning briefing, our Lieutenant stood up and made an announcement that this particular Deputy wanted to address those of us in the meeting.

Right, you guessed it. This Deputy was coming out of the closet right before our very eyes. Most of us had never been to a coming out party so we all anticipated what the atmosphere in the room would be like after his announcement.

The response to his message was sort of anti-climactic. The look on his face was that of disappointment. It was almost as if he expected bells, whistles and sirens to go off and for people to be knocked out of their seats because of his declaration.

Sadly for him, there were no bells. No whistles and no sirens. After the briefing, we all reported to our work stations and the day went on as usual. The only difference was that now, we all knew that this guy slept next to a man at night instead of a woman.

I’m not gay, so I can’t say that I know the purpose or necessity of these Coming Out Announcements. I know that my Coming Out about the Lord’s Prayer was kinda weak compared to the announcement that one is living an alternate lifestyle, but it’s the best I could do.

Coming Out in the Media

Today, All- American Defensive Lineman Michael Sam announced that he is gay. When he enters the NFL draft in May, he will become the first openly gay professional football player. No doubt there will be closet haters, but I’m wondering if stories like these will even raise eyebrows by this time next year.

Although I have my beliefs about homosexuality, I respect all men and would never stand in judgment of anyone. Trying to keep the one life under control that God has given me keeps me way too busy to try to judge someone else’s.

Just as it made no difference in the working relationship I had on the job with my Deputy friend years ago, I pray that the sexual preference of Mr. Sam has no effect on his professional football career.

Maybe one day the need for these Coming Out parties will diminish and the only Coming Out party of significance will be the coming out of darkness into the marvelous light.

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  1. While I agree that "coming out" seems to be a bit extreme, and perhaps unnecessary…. if you think about it, we all do this. My son came downstairs the other night… "I have a girlfriend!". My daughter a couple years ago admitted she was sleeping with her boyfriend. My younger daughters continuously say "he's so hot!" when talking about certain boys. All of these are screams "I am heterosexual!" It just isn't seen as coming out of the closet because there is no need to lock these sexual preferences in a closet. Some homosexuals do still see that need… until they get the courage to open up.

    Eventually, homosexuality is going to be no-big-deal, and therefore there won't be coming-out announcements any more… or, at least, no different than anyone else. Teenage boys will come down stairs and say "I have a boyfriend!"

    • I understand. The scenarios you described are interpersonal conversations between you and your family members in a safe environment. What wasn’t necessary was for your kids to call a family meeting and call all the friends and relatives in from out of town to make the announcement that “I’m sleeping with my boyfriend”.

      That information is private and is on a “need-to-know” basis. I really don’t care who is gay and who isn’t. I can love, be friends with, and be a co-worker to anyone. I’m not really interested in the sexual preference of others and I can’t understand why some feel I should be interested….

      As always, thanks for your comment Brandi!

      • Well actually…. kids usually do call a meeting with all their friends to announce they just had sex, or they just got a girlfriend or boyfriend, or they just got drunk last night. But, I do see your point which is why I said it's a bit extreme and unnecessary. That said, I'd love to see a quarterback call a press conference to announce that he's heterosexual. I think it would be funny… and might call attention to how "coming out" announcements are unnecessary and not newsworthy.

  2. Well said brother!

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