Christ is the Vine; We are the Branches – Staying Connected to the Body of Christ


Twin girls, Brielle and Kyrie, were born 12 weeks ahead of their due date. Needing intensive care, they were placed in separate incubators. Kyrie began to gain weight. Her weight eventually stabilized. But Brielle, only 2 pounds at birth, had trouble breathing, heart problems and other complications. She was not expected to live.

Their nurse did everything she could to help Brielle thrive, but nothing she did helped. After having done all she could, their nurse went against hospital policy and placed both babies in the same incubator. She left the twin girls to sleep and when she returned, she found a sight she could not believe. She called all the nurses and doctors and the picture above is what they saw.

When we go through life’s challenges most of the time our first inclination is to separate and seclude ourselves from others. Nothing can be more harmful than separating yourself from the Body of Christ.

As Brielle got closer to her sister, Kyrie put her arm around her, as if to hug and support her sister. From that moment on, Brielle’s breathing and heart rate stabilized and her health improved. From then on, hospital staff decided to keep both babies together, because when they were together they kept one another alive.

Staying Connected

When we go through life’s challenges most of the time our first inclination is to separate and seclude ourselves from others. Nothing can be more harmful than separating yourself from the Body of Christ. In order to stay connected to the vine, which is Christ you must remain among the branches, your brothers and sisters in Christ.

The only way God’s love can flow in your direction is if you allow it to flow by remaining connected to the Body of Christ. Keep in mind that whenever you get the inkling to seclude yourself from others it’s the enemy trying to divide and conquer. If he can’t divide you from the rest of the body, he can’t conquer you.

Find a prayer partner or support group. If your church has a Stephens Ministry program set up, use it to help you get through your rough patch.

The Love of God Flows through the Body of Christ

God loves you. God needs you. God needs you to overcome your life challenge so that you can be a witness of His power and share your experience with someone else who may be going through the same challenge.

The power of God is more than able to see you through whatever challenge you’re facing. Trust in the Lord with all you heart. Stay connected to those who will love you through your setbacks. In due season you will come out of your situation on top, victorious and with a grand testimony to share with others.

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  1. I am concerned for a couple that have been long time friends. They decided several years ago that the people in church play politics and got turned off and left. They are so turned off it looks like they will never get reconnected to a church family again. The problem is that they are happy and life is good. I don't know how or to what to do other than pray. I like this blog and it makes me sad to see my friends going through life w/o a church family.

    • Hello Mary,
      I’m sorry to hear about your friends’ bad experience with the church. Please try to assure them that there are good churches and good church folk out there whose sole purpose is to show them the love of God.

      Also remind them that they bring God’s presence to the table as well. If they separate themselves from the church, we (the members of the Body of Christ) are being deprived of the unique way God can use them to minister to those around them.

      And lastly, even though life is good for your friends, there still is a spiritual hunger to connect. Our physical bodies need nourishment whether times are good or bad. Likewise, our spirits need nourishment through God’s Word and through fellowship with one another (Hebrews 10:25).

      I hope this helps, and I will be praying for your friends…

  2. I understand being in a church where something went bad enough to leave and not have any desire to go back to church. My family went through something similar. I have a very strong desire in my heart to attend church, but my family was hurt so bad by a group of Christians who were terribly hypocritical. Every time I think about trying to find another church, my older daughters don't want to have anything to do with it.

    • We love and worship God. He is the reason and the motivating factor behind us worshipping in the many ways that we worship. One of the ways we worship Him is to submit (and commit) ourselves to fellowship with other believers.

      Unfortunately, those who sometimes confess to be Christians do things and act in ways that hurt others. I’m sincerely sorry for the negative experience you and your family have had to suffer at the hands of a brother or sister in Christ.

      There are people who drive drunk daily. Some hurt and/or kill people while driving drunk. You may have even been affected by the actions of a drunk driver. Do their actions cause you to hand in your car keys and never drive again?

      There are horrible teachers who mistreat students on every grade level. Some teachers should not be allowed to teach school. Your children make have come across a horrible teacher in school. Does this cause you to pull your children and your grandchildren from school and never allow them to return?

      I could go on and on with examples of people all around us that aren’t doing the right thing. The same goes for the people in church. Some don’t do the right thing. But if you park your car and stop driving to where you need to go, the only one who will suffer is you.

      If you pull your children from school because of the misguided actions of a few bad teachers, the only ones who will suffer are your children.

      And of you stop attending church, what may suffer is your relationship with God. I don’t know what you may have suffered at the hands of those in your church, but please don’t allow us to be deprived of the gift you bring to the Body of Christ by someone who could not see your value in Christ.

      I encourage you to continue seeking a church fellowship where your relationship with God can flourish and you can bless and be blessed within a local fellowship.

  3. Wow, I wish I could get my husband to understand this. He goes to church on Sunday (when he feels like it) and that is it. The only interaction he has with other Christian's is for 5-10 minutes after service and me. Just this morning I mentioned going to church on Ash Wednesday and he flipped out that Lent, etc was man made, not from God so he isn't doing it. "If its not in the Bible I don't want to hear about it". Meanwhile, he wouldn't honestly know since he never reads the Bible. He gets his information from the wonderfully, always true YouTube. Sorry for the rant but I really wish he would take a good look at himself instead of living in his virtual reality video games all the time. Anyway, great post. Guess you can tell it hit a nerve.

    • I understand completely Kimberly, but don’t sell your interaction with your husband short. It’s great to be able to stay connected with other Christians, but even in connecting with others, we are only able to get so close to them.

      In you, he has a real life representation of the Word of God living right under his roof. He has the opportunity to be closer to you than he ever would have the opportunity to get to other Christians.

      In you he has the opportunity to see real transformation that he may not have the opportunity to see in others.

      In you he has the opportunity to see your Godly responses under pressure and in tough situations that he would never be able to see in others.

      Godly living is contagious. The more he is exposed to it through you, the more he will be affected (and infected) by it.

      No pressure…….

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