Doubt, Unbelief and Fear Masquerading as Wisdom

Doubt and excuses to “hold back” and not wholeheartedly commit to God and His Word can take on many different forms. Doubt of God’s Word which is rooted in unbelief and fear has kept many Christians from experiencing the promises of God in their lives and in the lives of their loved […]

Entering into God's Rest – Rising Above the Storms of Life

Entering into God’s rest is one of those scriptural topics that take on different meanings to different people. With me being the black and white person that I am, I take the verse that talks about entering into God’s rest literally.


Enemies of Our Faith: Please Don’t Feed the Animals

Enemies to the truth of God’s Word lie in wait daily to strip us of our faith and steal the blessing of God out from under us.


Faith Island – Are You Willing to Endure Life Alone on the Island?

Faith is the substance of the things we hope for. It’s the evidence or proof of the things we can’t see. Faith is the substance of our inner vision of a goal we seek to obtain based upon God and His Word.


Reasons to Believe God is Who He Says He is

Reasons to believe in the existence of God are all around us. All we have to do is open our eyes and look at His creation to see what a mighty God we serve. But even with all the visible evidence of the existence of God which surrounds us, the bottom line […]

Faith in God Regardless of Answers from God

Faith in God and His Word must be able to stand independently from anything else in your life including the answers you may or may not receive in prayer.


How are you doing? It Really Dosen't Matter

How are you doing? That’s a question that can come from many different places when tossed our way. The person asking may simply be curious. He or she may be nosy. A nervous energy may be the source of the question. Or the person asking may honestly want to know […]

Stepping out in Faith – Blind Curves Ahead

Stepping out in faith in situations where we can’t see the outcome of our journey can be frightening. Sometimes as we make necessary decisions in our lives, we literally can’t see what’s around the next curve.


Faith Series Article #1 – Faith Comes by Hearing

Faith to receive the blessing of God is a vision within yourself of wholeness where there is lack in your life. The faith to produce the vision of victory within you comes by hearing God’s Word.


Faith Series Article #2 – Fearless Faith

Faith rooted in the belief in what God can do on your behalf can cause you to throw all caution to the wind. Consider the story of the paralyzed man in Luke 5:18-26


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