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Precious Beyond our Wildest Dreams

preciousPrecious stones, jewelry, cars or anything else we deem valuable retains its value for one of two reasons.

We place value on items because of the workmanship that has gone into the item. Bentley and Mercedes  Benz are examples of products of value based upon the workmanship that has gone into the product.

We also place value on items and consider them precious because the item is extremely rare. Continue reading

Giving Thanks to God for Everything…..Really?

giving thanksGiving thanks to God for the possessions, people, and events that take place in our lives is something that we as Christians are taught to do from a very young age. Yet as a new Christian, the concept of giving thanks to God for everything I was experiencing in my life was difficult for me to do. Continue reading

Forgetting Where you came from – When Looking at Others, Remember to Look in the Mirror

Forgetting Where you came from

Forgetting where you came from and the journey that led you to where you are in life today can be easy to do when attempting to minister to others. Some of us have been Christians for the better part of our lives. Continue reading

Healing the Sick: A Partnership between God and Man


Healing, in all aspects is a part of what God has provided to His children through Jesus Christ. Although God is completely autonomous and can miraculously heal anyone of anything at any time, most of the time healing the sick is a partnership that God has given us the opportunity to participate in with Him through prayer. Continue reading

Life in the Gray Area between Good and Evil


Life is an adventure to say the least. One of the major issues I had to deal with prior to becoming a Christian was how random the events that occurred in my life and in the lives of those around me seemed to be. Life doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason sometimes. Continue reading

Character Actors Playing a Significant Role in the Lives of Others

character actors

Character actors in good films can be just as notable as those holding starring roles. I’m a huge movie fan. I find that the movies I enjoy the most are the ones where the actors are virtual unknowns but yet have loads of talent. Continue reading