Threesomes aren’t allowed in the Kingdom of God

threesomesThreesomes aren’t looked upon very favorably by God. God expects us to have a monogamous relationship with him. Yes, we all know that we cannot serve two masters, but I want to talk about the concept of threesomes in a little different light than what we’re used to hearing. Continue reading

Jesus – A Man of Means or Homeless Savior?


Was Jesus a man of means, or was He a homeless Savior? Jesus came to redeem mankind. Christians all over the world can agree on that fact as well as many other basic biblical principles. However there are some areas of thought that have caused schisms within the church for years. Continue reading

Rewards, Honor and Treasure laid up in Heaven

rewardsRewards aren’t given to those who don’t work for them. Depending upon the context, sometimes many years of hard work go into a job, project or a sport before rewards are doled out for accomplishments in a particular arena. Continue reading

Prayer: Cooking in the Kitchen alongside the MasterChef

prayerPrayer is something that is extremely personal for each of us. As parents, just as the relationship we have with each one of our children is different, so it is with our relationships with our Heavenly Father and the way we choose to communicate with Him. Continue reading

Walking in the Spirit: Seeing through the Fog that surrounds us

walking in the spiritWalking in the Spirit is having a clear and present awareness of the presence of the Spirit of God in our lives. Walking in the Spirit is having our senses in tune with what’s happening in the spiritual realm which surrounds us more than in the physical realm in which we live. Continue reading

Avoiding Controversy – Walking in Peter’s Shoes

avoiding controversyAvoiding controversy, at face value, seems like something that every Christian should pursue at all costs. However when avoiding controversy causes us to compromise what we believe and deny the truths that God has revealed to us in His Word, it may be time to re-evaluate our commitment to that which we say we believe. Continue reading

Iron Man did the Work, not Tony Stark

Iron Man

Iron Man was bullet proof. Iron Man had super strength. Iron Man could fly. Tony Stark couldn’t do any of the above. Tony Stark was merely a man who was clothed in an Iron Man suit. The power in which a powerless Tony Stark was endowed with was in the Iron Man suit which he had on.

Tony Stark uttered the words “I am Iron Man” in the final scenes of the first movie but actually that phrase is incorrect. Tony Stark had no power at all.

Continue reading

God Remembered…..the Power of Remembrance

God rememberedGod remembered Noah. God remembered Rachel. God remembered Abraham. God remembered His Covenant with His people. There are numerous places in the bible where we see that God remembered someone. And most of the time, right after God remembered, huge blessings flowed.

God remembering His people is amazing but I want to bring the power of remembrance down to our everyday lives. There is huge blessing attached to the power and ability to remember someone. Continue reading

Trusting God with our Most Precious Commodity

trusting GodTrusting God is easy….as long as we think we have some input into the situation we’re trusting God over.

It’s Sunday evening. It’s the middle day of the 3 day Memorial Day weekend. I just dropped my 21 year old daughter at the train station. She’s on her way to Riverside to spend the night with her mom.

My daughter isn’t a novice at travelling on the public transportation system. In fact she knows how to get anywhere in the Southern California area by train, bus or subway. I would call her a public transportation professional. Continue reading