Our Rights in Christ – The True Meaning of Freedom

Our rights as American citizens and the protection of those rights are sacred. Many have died so that we may enjoy the freedoms that many of us take for granted in this country.


Our God is the Ultimate Puzzle Master

Our God is a mighty God. He reigns supreme over the world and all in it. We may sometimes see a world that’s out of control and somewhat chaotic, but nothing has ever caught our God off guard.


The Sun Always Shines – The Blessings of God are Always Present

The sun has never gone out. Since Genesis Chapter 1, the sun has continuously shown bright. The sun has never taken a break. It’s never dimmed and of course it hasn’t burned out.


Motivation vs Instruction – Practical Teaching vs Emotional Feelings

Motivation is rampant during this time of year. Football season is upon us once more. Next to Christmas, this is the most wonderful time of the year. For Jordan and I, last Sunday was termed “the first Sunday”, or the first Sunday of the football season.


Victory is Reserved for those who Remain Strong until the End

Victory in any area of life requires a victorious mindset. Victory requires a stubborn attitude that refuses to give in to the temptation to give up, cave in and quit.


Our Adversary the Devil Prowls Around as a Roaring Lion

Our adversary, the devil seeks to devour us. That’s no secret. However, the word “as” in 1 Peter 5:8 is key to us knowing that our adversary is a cheap phony whose real power lies in fear, not strength.


Following our Feelings: Allowing a Blind Driver to be our Chauffeur

Following our feelings in life is like riding on a train without the guidance of a track. Following our feelings in life can be equated to handing the driving responsibility over to a driver who cannot see.


Faith Mis-applied: Faith Warriors Who Live Among Us

Faith and the ability to remain undaunted by the circumstances of life requires a commitment of the will, the heart and of the mind. To be able to have an inward image of victory in Christ that looms larger than outward images of hopelessness and despair is the fuel that keeps the Christian on […]

His Yoke is Easy and His Burden is Light, until we make things Difficult

“His yoke is easy”. Those are the words that kept bouncing around in my head earlier this week as I sat in on a class with someone who was attempting to complicate the simplicity of the Gospel.


Unreasonable Expectations of God: Are we doing our part?

Unreasonable expectations of God moving in our lives can sometimes be the product of neglectful actions on our part. God has our best interest at heart. His love for us, His children is never ending.


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