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Eternal Legacies – Leaving a trail of Breadcrumbs that Lead to the Lord


Eternal legacies are people, places and situations that will live on blessing the lives of others long after whomever God has used to initiate the blessing has gone home to be with the Lord. Continue reading

Christmas Season, Christmas Lifestyle

Christmas Season

Christmas season is here again! There’s something extra special about the Christmas season. Even those of us who live in larger cities who have to deal with traffic woes, crowded shopping malls, and the overall chaos of city life find joy in all that the Christmas season brings. Continue reading

Value Beyond Measure – Your Worth is Limitless to God


Value has been bestowed upon you. That’s right….you. The one sitting there reading this message right now. We’ve all heard that we are precious in the sight of God, but I wonder if we truly believe and understand our true value to God. Continue reading

The Sun Always Shines – The Blessings of God are Always Present

the sun

The sun has never gone out. Since Genesis Chapter 1, the sun has continuously shown bright. The sun has never taken a break. It’s never dimmed and of course it hasn’t burned out. Continue reading

Motivation vs Instruction – Practical Teaching vs Emotional Feelings


Motivation is rampant during this time of year. Football season is upon us once more. Next to Christmas, this is the most wonderful time of the year. For Jordan and I, last Sunday was termed “the first Sunday”, or the first Sunday of the football season. Continue reading

Our Adversary the Devil Prowls Around as a Roaring Lion

our adversary

Our adversary, the devil seeks to devour us. That’s no secret. However, the word “as” in 1 Peter 5:8 is key to us knowing that our adversary is a cheap phony whose real power lies in fear, not strength. Continue reading

Following our Feelings: Allowing a Blind Driver to be our Chauffeur

Following our Feelings

Following our feelings in life is like riding on a train without the guidance of a track. Following our feelings in life can be equated to handing the driving responsibility over to a driver who cannot see. Continue reading