Blessings of God Surround us 24/7/365


Blessings from God are overtaking us 24/7. It’s up to us to recognize these blessings and remain thankful for what God is continually doing in our lives.

In the online advertising industry there is what is called “Ad blindness”. Ad blindness occurs when people are exposed to the same ad in the same place on their computer screen numerous times. Seeing the same ad over and over again causes people to become blind to it, bypassing it without ever seeing it.

The blessings of God surround us daily. Resist the temptation to become lax in your ability to see God at work in your life.

If we’re not careful, we can allow the same type of blindness to affect how we see (or don’t see) the blessings of God in our lives. For the sake of clarity, I need to separate the blessings of God into 3 groups.

  • Level A Blessings – Blessings that are so amazing and so obvious that it’s impossible to become blind to them. These include miraculous healing’s from terminal diseases. Instances where everyone around you is severely injured or killed and for some miraculous reason you are left unharmed, would fall into this category.
  • Level B Blessings – Blessings that we see and experience the most. These are the blessings that we can become blind to if not careful. A new job, a new car, good health among other things would be included in this category.
  • Level C Blessings – Blessings that we have no way of knowing about. For instance, the drunk driver that hit someone else instead of you because you made a wrong turn and were delayed by 3 minutes. The time when you chose soup instead of salad, not knowing that the salad had high levels of salmonella bacteria which affected everyone who ate it. The decision you made to buy one car model over another, not knowing that the car you bypassed had defective brakes which would have cause you to be involved in a major traffic accident if you had purchased it.

The blessings that we are most susceptible to becoming blind to are those in the level B category. These are the blessings that overtake us every day. These blessings can be as simple as God providing a gorgeous spring sunrise over a picturesque mountain range for your enjoyment.

It can include the fact that you can rise from your bed and walk pain free. Or that you have a refrigerator full of good food to eat. Or that your kid, who was being bullied last year, is no longer being bullied this year.

The blessings included in the level B blessing category are inexhaustible. But because they are so numerous and are taking place 24/7 in our lives makes them the easiest to become blind to.

I believe those who suffer from depression, also suffer from the effects of blessing blindness. If you want to affect your bout with depression in a positive way, simply begin to look for and write down all the blessings in your life on a minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day basis.

God’s Abundant Blessings in our Lives

The blessings of God surround us daily. Resist the temptation to become lax in your ability to see God at work in your life. Life can become mundane. Life is repetitious. In the repetition and routine of your daily life, remember that God is the one who sustains you and every occurrence in your world. Nothing happens in this life by accident.

Think about what your life would be like without these thousands of simple blessings in your daily life. Without the blessings of God constantly showing up in our lives, life as we know it would be drastically different.

I encourage you to count your blessings. Thank God for being God in your life and acknowledge His goodness as you live out His will in your life.

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