Bible Promises – God’s Word is the Key to Solving any Problem


Bible promises are scriptures and statements throughout the bible that God has made concerning His children. God’s Word is dependable. God has never said anything that has not, or will not come to pass. God has placed in His Word everything that we could possibly need, want or desire that is consistent with a Godly life. It’s up to us to get into His Word and take advantage of the provisions He has made for us in this life.


The answer is found in the bible…

A father was saying his goodbyes to his daughter as she headed off to college. When the girl went to the bathroom to repair her make-up from her tearful departure, her father quickly wrote a substantial check and slipped it between the pages of her bible.

Her father reached out his arms and welcomed his daughter back home. He embraced her and told her how much he loved her.

The daughter returned from the bathroom, grabbed her bags, picked up her bible and went out to meet her taxi which was waiting at the curb outside. Her dad, waving from the porch reminded her to read her bible everyday. “Of course dad”, the daughter replied as the taxi pulled away from the curb.

During her first week away from home, the girl suffered several unforeseen financial set backs. Feeling a bit discouraged, she called home and spoke to her father and explained her situation to him. Her dad calmly replied to her, “Honey you need to read your bible everyday. All your concerns will be addressed if you would read your bible”. The daughter said, “Yes, I know dad…I will read it today”.

Another week went by and the girl called home again, this time in tears. She told her dad that she was considering leaving school and returning home. Her dad asked her if she had been reading her bible. He said, “Honey, all of your concerns will be addressed if you just read your bible”. The girl replied, “Dad, I have real problems. I know I should read my bible and I promise that I will get too it, but right now I need to figure out how to get my financial problems solved”.

Another week went by and on Friday there was a knock on the door. The father answered the door to find his daughter standing there, bags in hand. Feeling like a failure, she told her father that she just couldn’t handle the financial pressures and decided to come home and try again next semester. Her father reached out his arms and welcomed his daughter back home.

He embraced her and told her how much he loved her. He also asked her for her bible. With a puzzled look on her face, she pulled her bible out of her bag. The father took the bible and flipped through it to the place where he had left the check for his daughter. With the gentle look of a father, he reminded his daughter how many times he had told her that all of her problems would have been solved if she had only looked to her bible.

The Bible holds the solution to our problems

I’m sure that if this young woman knew that her father had left a check for her in her bible, she would have looked in it at the first sign of problems. Likewise, our Father has placed the answers to our problems in the bible, but do we actually believe that? Or are we treating our source of the answers to life’s problems just like the young woman in the story above? Just a little food for thought.

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  1. We live in a world where we want the solution given to us. We don't want the answer. We want our problem solved. And we definitely don't want to have to go hunt down an answer.

    Besides this, the Bible seems to be losing its value. Many no longer believe in it. Others can't find the right answers to their problems because they are trying to force their own desires into the words to ensure they get the answer they want.

    Great post… great story… great message. Hopefully people once again start finding value within the pages of the Bible.

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