Addicted to Life

lifeLife can be very addictive. One of the many blessings God has given me in my life is the ability to work from home. I enjoy being able to schedule my day around the things that are most important to me.

But having the responsibility of making my own schedule while managing a workload that never ends, means that I could literally work around the clock if I chose to. However, on the rare occasions I have afforded myself the luxury of taking a break, I sometimes find myself feeling guilty for doing nothing.

We live in a fast paced society. Everyone around us is moving at breakneck speed most of the time. Idle time for some of us is rare. Balancing work, family, and school on an ongoing basis makes it very easy to become “addicted to life”.

Without God as the center piece of your life, you cannot be as productive as you could be.

Being addicted to life is working yourself into a state where you don’t feel comfortable relaxing. Being addicted to life makes doing nothing feel wrong and unnatural. And in my case, guilt can begin to creep in if I don’t guard myself against it.

Working non-stop on an ongoing basis is not only detrimental to our physical and mental wellbeing; it causes our spirits to become numb where hearing from God is concerned. And let’s face it, if we are not in a position to hear from God, how successful can we expect to be in the things we’re attempting to do on our own?

I want to encourage you to take the time out to rest spiritually, mentally and physically. Find the time to listen to what the still small voice on the inside of you is telling you. Are you overlooking warning signs that your kids need your support? Are you neglecting things as a spouse that can be detrimental to your marriage? Are you ignoring harmful warning signs that your body is beginning to give you?

Take Time to Notice the Beauty of Life Around You

Take time to embrace the beauty of life around you. If you’re in an environment that you wouldn’t classify as peaceful, close your eyes and mentally go to your peaceful place. 15 minutes of calm relaxation may make all the difference in the world where your outlook on life is concerned.

You cannot be as productive as you could be without God as the center piece of your life. Ask Him to help you prioritize what needs to be done in your life. Ask Him to give you the strength you need for those who are important in your life.

Once you allow God’s Holy Spirit to be your leader, your guide and your power source, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in His strength as opposed to your own strength.

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  1. It is so easy to miss the important things when we're scurrying around so fast, so far, so often. Thank you for the reminder to slow it down from time to time – to take a look around us – to recognize the important things.

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