Negative Thoughts can Kill, Steal and Destroy your Life

Negative thoughts can creep into your mind without you being consciously aware of them. Last night after dinner I began to notice a slight tingle in one of my back teeth on the right side of my mouth.


Jesus Downline is still producing Great Commissions

Jesus was the master Multi-Level Marketer. As an online marketer, I love the Multi-Level Marketing business model. MLM has the potential for explosive growth if the product being marketed is a good one.


The Anointing of Being You – Fulfilling God’s calling on Your Life

The anointing of God to move those around us in ways that no other person can move them lives in us.

Many of us wonder what lot we are supposed to fill in life. We ponder the ministry gift God has entrusted us with and we wonder when we will be “called” to step […]

Overcoming the Impossible Using the Weaponry of God

Overcoming the impossible is a challenge laid before every Christian in one way or another. Most of the time, when facing a situation or circumstance that we’ve never faced before, we feel awkward and a bit clumsy. It takes time for us to become proficient and comfortable at handling new tasks or responsibilities.


Life is a Gift. Are You Satisfied with Your Gift?

Life is a precious gift from God. Are you satisfied with your gift? As parents, we take the time to give gifts to our children that they will enjoy. No parent purposely puts forth the effort to give their child a gift that they won’t be satisfied with.


Gods Word is the Blinder from the World’s Cares and Concerns

Gods Word, when focused upon, produces freedom from cares and concerns. Life, for the Christian contains many distractions. We live in a day and age where information surrounds us in abundance. We are bombarded with all sorts of stimulation, some positive and some negative.

To live lives that are pleasing to God, we must put […]

My Wife is the Partner I Count on When Under Attack

My wife just sent me an Instant Message to let me know that she broke her glasses. Her plan is to get off work about 30 minutes early today and stop in at the Optometrist’s office on her way home to check on getting a new pair. We did the budget last night and […]

The Holy Spirit Inspired Delivery of God’s Love

The Holy Spirit, who dwells on the inside of us, must be allowed to lead us and guide us on how to minister God’s love to those who are hurting.


Truth can set you free only if you’re bold enough to use the Key

Truth cannot remain suppressed. Truth always rises to the top. With time, truth will always be revealed.

There are no perfect people. There are no perfect Christians. We all make mistakes, wrong choices, or just out and out lie.


Life Experiences – Using Enemy Attacks to Bless Others

Life experiences can be positive or negative but I want to talk about the negative ones in this article. Hurtful situations can happen to all of us. No one is exempt from negative life experiences.


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