New Birth Instantly on the Inside, a Work in Progress on the Outside

The terms new birth, born again, receive Christ, accept Jesus, get saved, receive salvation, come to Christ, and becoming a new creature in Christ all point to the same event. They speak to fact that an individual has allowed Jesus Christ to be the Lord of their lives according to Romans 10:9-10.

The new birth […]

Relationship with God: A Relationship Established upon Love

Relationship with God is the basis of Christianity. As Christians, our relationship with God is either progressing or digressing. We are growing closer to God or growing away from God with each and every day.


Sharing Your Christianity with Your Loved Ones

Christianity is life. Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is a life changing experience. The natural thing for a new Christian to do is share their experience and testimony with those closest to them.

If you’re reading this message and you’ve recently accepted Jesus as the Lord of your life, I welcome you into […]

The Peace of God Which Passes All Understanding

Peace of God moments can come in a variety of ways for different people. I understand what the term “Peace of God” means in scripture (Philippians 4:7), however I have my own definition of that term which I’d like the share with you here today.


Hell – How Can a Loving God Send People There?

Many believers and non-believers alike have a problem with the doctrine of hell. More specifically, the question of how a loving God can send people to hell. I personally don’t believe that God has ever sent anyone to hell. I don’t think a loving God could send anyone to hell, nor do I believe it’s […]

Gods Love starring (your name here), Now Showing in Theater 7

Showing Gods love requires every Christian to become a great actor. Great actors have the ability to take the words that a director gives them and become the character they are portraying in their films…..

I love watching movies. When I was a bachelor, my weekend consisted of at least 5-6 movies and a 2 […]

Abundant Life in Christ

Abundant life can take on many forms to many people. I want to share a part of what abundant life means that’s rarely talked about. Abundant life in our jobs or in whatever it is that God created us to do in life.

Have you ever given any conscious thought to what gives you pleasure? […]

Anne Rice Testimony

Do You Hear From God?

Summer has come and gone and with it another Summer Camp at church. To celebrate the return of our youngsters, a few campers took the stage at church to tell us what camping experiences had the greatest impact on them this year.


What Are You Living For?

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